Friday, November 18, 2005

Ok, you see by the distance between posts (7 months!) that I am SLACK. I really DO intend on emailing this link to everyone.

I haven't heard... has Reagan had her baby?? I loved the pix of Baby Cole! (Thanks Amy.)

Please make comments and share all of any news that you have.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I hope that we can all have fun with this and connect this way. It may be simpler to all "meet" here than via email. Less for all of us to keep up with, anyway!

My vision for this blog is so that we may all keep in touch and be close. We are all so spread out around the nation (and world) that it's hard to keep up. BUT because of the reunions over the past 8 years, we remain interested in each others' lives. PLEASE share your lives with the rest of us... I know I am interested and have a hard time making time to keep in touch by email with each of you.

There are several members of our family that are much more creative and smarter with the internet than I, so feel free to make changes and additions to this blog site. Let me know any ideas you have, and I will try to get it done, too.


We have a precious new baby in the Smith Family, Cole Buckmaster. Amy and Scott - He is gorgeous!!!!! Congratulations. (I'm gonna try to post his picture here).

Nis and Alycia Nielsen are going to be having a baby any day now (she was due on Tuesday April 26, but no baby yet!!). His name will be Christian.

And, last but not least (just chronologically), Reagan is pregnant with number 3!! Congratulations! Reagan, please let us know how you are.

We are looking forward to the Thanksgiving reunion.

OK... I'm gonna wrap this up (I get long-winded)... this site should be easy to use. But after I play around with it, I will let you in on any tricks I find.

Bye everyone. I hope we all use this as our "meeting spot".

Love, marna